La Grange Coffee Roasters

Hand-Crafted Specialty Coffee Beans
Roasted By Artisan Coffee Roaster
Chris Cockrell

~  S m e l l   the   S m o k e  ~









At La Grange Coffee Roasters we take fresh coffee seriously.  We make every effort to educate coffee lovers about truly fresh specialty coffee, not just what you can get in a can or at a drive thru.  We want to help put "special" back in specialty coffee.  That begins with the highest quality coffees from around the world, roasted in a way that reveals and complements their inherent tastes instead of masking them for uniformity. No flavored beans, no ultra deep roasting, no frills.

We specialize in artisan roasted, specialty coffees from around the world, and fresh to you.  We offer "single-origin" coffees – (that is, coffee from a single growing region, estate, or co-op) for press pot, drip and pour-over use.  From the ancient soil of the Sidamo region of Ethiopia to the Guatemalan highlands; from the dense jungles of Sumatra, to the lush mountainous regions of Columbia and Brazil, we strive to place a wide variety of fresh roasted, 100% Arabica coffees, within your reach.

Whenever Possible we offer “Shade Grown,” “Fair Trade,” and “Organic” coffees, but NOT to the detriment of superior cup quality.  You see, not all coffees are created equal.  Just because coffee is labeled “Organic,” "Fair Trade,” “Bird Friendly,” or “Shade Grown,” it never ensures quality in the cup taste – and taste is everything in the specialty coffee industry.

Our philosophy is simple. A specialty coffee roasting establishment begins and ends with quality coffee - period. That’s why we offer only fresh roasted coffee.

Since we think you should demand more from your coffee than the average “Cup of Joe,” we roast each coffee the in a way that highlights the individual characteristics.

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